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by Jennifer DesJardin

I LOVE  Lifestyle Communities

They are a very interesting trend to me.  I understand the great appeal.   If I am honest, I would love to sell everything I own and live in one of these communities.   Everything we need is designed in a convenient location (inside of the building in which we live) with amenities out the wazoo.  Fancy pool tables, foosball games, large screen TV's, eye catching wet bars, elaborate cooking stations, swanky movie rooms, amazing work-out facilities, unrivaled outdoor kitchens, individual dog washing stations and more. Impressive!  Our fast paced, technology-driven world barely allows us the travel time we need to do the things we love.  And thus, the need for these communities full of amenities.  In addition to the allure of saving time, it makes a high-end lifestyle available to people who would otherwise not have access:  Efficient use of elaborate design elements all shared in a single community by a plethora of different people.  Brilliant.  Now that, my friends, is how to use design powerfully to improve people's lives.  I love it.  PHOTO SNAPSHOT: Denver 360 Apartments - Lobby Lounge Area


Design details make all of the difference in an interior of a room.  Eliminating them is the equivalent of  baking a wedding cake and making the decision to skip putting the icing on it.  Sure, the cake is delicious in an of itself.  Ahhhhhhh...but the icing.  It is the very reason the cake looks irresistible.  I remember seeing cakes as a child and pining over the icing.   I couldn't wait because the icing was so enticing.  I assure you, accessories are to interiors as icing is to a cake.

To make this point hit home, I want you to imagine how the photo to the left would look if it was just a shot of 3 glass shelves with nothing on them.  Or... even worse, imagine 3 shelves with a bunch of clutter on them.  It would ruin the appearance of this master bath.  Instead, this is a carefully crafted composition of elements.  The items selected for these shelves are as functional as these shelves are and are located adjacent to vessel tub.  The accessories we chose include a candle, bath salts, bath towels, wash cloths and a few eye catchcing decorative items.  We also created a place for the owner to add a single fresh flower, and a visually soft green plant (as you see).  Its the combination of contrast, size, texture, visual balance, and the cohesiveness of the overall composition that makes these disparate elements seem like they should all be there.  It doesn't look forced.   In fact, just the opposite,  it looks like it is as it should be.  When you accessorize correctly, your outcome will follow these guidelines.

HGTV  Final Filming Day

The last filming day of the show was a blast.  Surprising the owners of the home with the reveal was a memorable highlight.  It is really fun to see all of your hard work make someone happy.  And in this case, the people I made happy were Greg and Jessica Delgado.  They are a really fun couple.  I feel like I got really lucky!  and I've heard stories of other Designer's not getting so lucky!  I adored these clients although I had never met them before I started the work for HGTV.  I was only able to spend an hour and a half with them before having to come up with the design for their entire first floor.  It was a little harrowing.  I had no idea if they would like what I had designed.  

The good news is I hit the nail on the head.  They really loved everything I had done.  What an experience this was.  I would love to do it again someday!

Deep thoughts of a Professional Interior Designer going Rogue

I have been in the Interior Design and Construction industry for over 20 years.  During my career, I have made every mistake in the book.  A lot of people ask me if I was a natural at design.  Uhhhhh. NO!!  Not at all.  I studied and worked very hard.  And I still do everyday.

I  was a Chemist before I was a Designer.  I worked for the USDA testing soil samples.   I knew nothing about design before I entered the Architectural Interiors curriculum at University of Florida.  What I did know is that I felt great and really enjoyed myself whenever I was in a space with great design.  So, instead of finishing my Chemistry degree and becoming a medical doctor, I decided to become a doctor of spaces.  I fix spaces and make them well again.

I have spent my career studying what makes people feel comfortable, at ease, and welcome when we are in our spaces.  I have read that it takes 10,000 hours to become good at what you do.  I think it took me 15,000 before I would even allow myself to let up the gas a little bit.  The turning point for me was hearing my clients walk into a room I had completed and say over and over "I never want to leave this room!"  What a feeling!  I was so thrilled to know I could create such joy in people's lives.  

Serenity, peace, retreat, solace, intrigue, interest, activity, energy, life -- all of these words describe experiences we can have as we enter our homes.  Which one appeals to you?  Let me know once you decide and it would be my honor to help you achieve your goals.  Everyone should live and work in beautiful spaces.   Beauty is important to our health.