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by Jennifer DesJardin

Deep thoughts of a Professional Interior Designer going Rogue

Lifestyle communities are a very interesting trend to me.  I understand the great appeal.   If I am honest, I would love to sell everything I own and live in one of these communities.   Everything we need is designed in a convenient location (inside of the building in which we live) with amenities out the wazoo.  Fancy pool tables, foosball games, large screen TV's, eye catching wet bars, elaborate cooking stations, swanky movie rooms, amazing work-out facilities, unrivaled outdoor kitchens, individual dog washing stations and more. Impressive!  Our fast paced, technology-driven world barely allows us the travel time we need to do the things we love.  And thus, the need for these communities full of amenities.  In addition to the allure of saving time, it makes a high-end lifestyle available to people who would otherwise not have access:  Efficient use of elaborate design elements all shared in a single community by a plethora of different people.  Brilliant.  Now that, my friends, is how to use design powerfully to improve people's lives.  I love it.  PHOTO SNAPSHOT: Denver 360 Apartments - Lobby Lounge Area