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Our full service design process provides a turn key solution for both design and implementation of your vision.  It takes the management of all of the details out of your hands.  We handle not only the design, we manage the purchasing, bidding, trades, fabrication, delivery and installation of everything required to complete your project.

Many of our clients ask us "what is the difference between interior decorating and interior design?"   Interior Designers are degreed professionals in Interior Design and architecture.  In addition to being taught the rules of great design, Interior Designers are formally trained in an accredited university curriculum and graduate with a four year bachelor's degree in Interior Design. 

Interior Designers learn construction methodology, understand building codes, can create architectural drawings and construction details, analyze technical applications of materials, perform kitchen and bath design (which is very specialized) among other things.  Although Interior Decorators may be gifted with an artistic flair, they are not formally trained in all of these conventions or in requirements that may apply to your project.  Using residential finishes in a commercial space, or ignoring recent changes in environmental mitigation can cost a project owner dearly.  The professionals at MOTIF have experience in these areas, and bring an extra set of eyes to your job that are watching out for you. 

Whether you are a custom home builder who needs assistance with cabinet design and finishes, or a home owner ready to update your space, hiring the degreed professionals at MOTIF will ensure you will not exceed the limits of your designer's ability and training.